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Our Wish
("NEGAI" in Japanese)

Please listen to the tracks!(MIDI format)--- MusicBox Version Orchestra Version 16 beats Version Some Versions are arranged by E-chan

Song by Yasuko Yamaoka
Guitar by Yoshio Shine
Original lyricist (verse 1 to 4):Ohzu Junior High School Students in Hiroshima
Lyric Arrangement:Takashi Yamanoki
Composer:Ryuji Takada
Translation:Suwako Nagata, Yvonne Burke, Yasuko Yamaoka

Verses No.: 1-4(Original), 5-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80, 81-100, 101-121, 122-140, 141-160, 161-180, 181-200, 201-220, 221-240, 241-260, 261-280, 281-300, 301-320, 321-340, 341-360, 361-380, 381-400, 401-420, 421-440, 441-460, 461-481, 482-500, 501-520, 521-540, 541-560, 561-580, 581-600, 601-620, 621-640, 641-660, 661-680, 681-700, 701-720, 721-740, 741-760, 761-780, 781-800, 801-820, 821-840, 841-860, 861-880, 881-900, 901-920, 921-940, 941-960, 961-980, 981-1000, 1001-1020, 1021-1040, 1041-1060, 1061-1080, 1081-1100, 1101-1120, 1121-1140, 1141-1160, 1161-1180, 1181-1200, 1201-1220, 1221-1240, 1241-1260, 1261-1280, 1281-1300, 1301-1320, 1321-1340, 1341-1360, 1361-1380, 1381-1400, 1401-1420, 1421-1440

* The verses after 5th are English versions or original language versions,
collected from NEGAI Connection members and their students from the world.
If it is a translation , sometimes it may not harmonize with the melody.

501. If I were a President,if I were Prime Minister
If I were a War-load or even Great and national man
My first and formost agenda..would ever be for Peace
And never on technology of war and fight
But Peace,Love and Unity
(Gordon O.Nyabade Peace Ambassodor-Kenya May 20, 2006)

502. My dear family of Negai..a family of Peace
Let nobody divide us by race,color or handicape
Lets join our Minds and Our Wish
Appeal for peace and never war
Peace is for development but war is for killing and death!
(Gordon O.Nyabade Peace Ambassodor-Kenya May 20, 2006)

503. We always know what is happiness.
War and hating each other are very empty.
However, cooperation and loving each other are very pleasant.
We are sure what is good and what is bad
(Yoon Hyun-tae Kobe University Doctor Course student May 20, 2006)

504. If our wihes can be realized
Let's keep the Japanese Constitution
And we shall go on marching positively
Toward the peaceful future
(Horibe Etsuko Hatogaya City Saitama June 5, 2006)

505. If I had a big megaphone
As I did at the World Cup
I would shout for the world peace
With other supporters all over Saitama
(Miyashita Hisako Saitama City June, 5 2006)

506. If this earth were full of
Love and hope and compassionate hearts
All the living things would cooperate
And we shall be prosperous together
(Yamasaki Yuko Saitama City June, 5 2006)

507. If you were here still alive
I would hold you tight with tears
When the tears would change into wishes
I would be encouraged by the hope, changed form sadness
(Satoh Kuniya Koshigaya City June, 5 2006)

508. If high above the sky, we could reach our songs
We would sing the song of peace, wishing happiness
Let's send this song to every corner of the world
Very loudly, with heartfelt feelings
(Akiyama Kunio Hasuda- City Saitama June 6, 2006)

509. If high above the sky, we could reach our songs
We would sing the song of peace, wishing happiness
Let's make this song ring to every corner of the earth
Very loudly, with heartfelt feelings
(Akiyama Kunio Hasuda-City Saitama June 6, 2006)

510. If we choose the way of co-existence
Instead of destruction
We will keep Article 9 with peace wihes
Let's spread it on this green earth.
(Taguchi Toshiko Koshigaya-City Saitama June 6, 2006)

511. If we could hold only a bright future
Instead of sadness and unhappiness
We would make seeds of smiles over the world
And we would grow the buds to beautiful peace flowers
(Ikeda Ayumi Chichibu-City Saitama June 6, 2006)

512. If I had not encountered these friends of mine
I would have strayed and stuck by pains
I would like to treasure the joy of our lives
And I will foster the friendship and the solidarity
(Kurihara Kaoru Kawagoe-City, Saitama June 7, 2006)

513. If in this world we had more children
Our future would shine more brilliantly
In 20 years, we would have more youths
Who would be responsible for the world
(Masuoka Atsuko Saitama-City June 7, 2006)

514. If, all over the world, we wish for peace
We can stop fighting and live in peace
La la la ........................
Let's go marching hand in hand
(Tsuda Akiko Fukuoka-City June 7, 2006)

515. Why are you dropping tears?
I want you to smile incessantly
Let's hold on a small happiness
Let's pray our future full of bright hope
(Ohno Etsuko Hasuda-City June 7, 2006)

516. We can understand with our smiles
people in the world though the languages are different
We can sing this song with the same feeling
Our peaceful wish will go freely beyond the borders
(Ohno Etsuko Hasuda-City June 7, 2006)

517. If this world were covered with grass color sun
In stead of pitch black darkness
We would live together and join our hands
And we could call a morning ful of hopes
(Itoh Atsuko Fujimi-City June 12, 2006)

518. Dear friends all over the world,
Who are dreaming peace and love would prevail on the earth
Let's join hands and let's spread this chain
Let's make our dreams come true
(Suzuki Nobuhiko Iino-City June 12, 2006)

519. If the people all over the world
Could join hands and smile each other
The tears causes from bombing and violences
Would be changed to the path to hope in the future
(Takahashi Masako Nagasaki-City June 12, 2006)

520. Death merchants, give up selling armaments
You earn money, killing people's lives
If you family were killed like that
You would know the cruelty of yourselves
(Kawasaki Yasuhide Saitama-City June 12, 2006)

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